Research meetings

Every other Tuesday, Metaphor Lab Amsterdam organizes a research meeting from 9:00 to 11:00. In this meetings, members of the Metaphor Lab and other scholars interested in metaphor present their current research.

Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Research Meetings 2018

6 February
Andreas Heise – Solving the paradox of metaphor all over again

20 February
Pia Sommerauer – Polysemy (and metaphorical mappings) in computational models of meaning representation

6 March
Lettie Dorst – Translating Metaphor across Disciplines, Genres, Modalities

3 April
Gerard Steen  – Resistance to metaphor: How far have we got?

17 April
Simeon Lahaije – In the eye of the beholder

18 September
Giulia Frezza –  ‘I cannot find myself in some statements’. Social awareness of metaphor in dementia discourse. A survey research collecting scientists’ and journalists’ views

2 October
Joost Zwarts  – ‘A net cast into the sea’: Identifying biblical metaphors using semantic domains

16 October
Ilaria Rizzato –  Translating figurative language in Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona

30 October
Clarissa de Vries  – Sensitivity for deliberate metaphors in narrative reading: an eye-tracking study
Veronika Vadinova  – Deliberate Metaphor Theory: an eye-tracking study

Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Research Meetings 2017

31 January
Herman de Mönnink – How are metaphors used in griefcounseling/grief therapy?

14 February
Pia Sommerauer – Recognizing conventional nominal metaphors in natural language: Implementing the Metaphor Identification Procedure – VU with WordNet

14 March
Federico Gobbo – Deliberate metaphors in Esperanto: building a cosmopolitan culture from scratch

28 March
Chiara Ferella – Deliberate metaphor use in Parmenides’ two ways of enquiry

25 April
Pauline Heyvaert – Metaphors in Belgian political discourse: a new look on the identification of deliberateness

9 May
Alfonso Sánchez-Moya – “Walking on eggshells, treated like crap, getting nothing out of the relationship”: metaphorical accounts of Intimate Partner Violence in online discourse

23 May
Maryam Saneie Moghadam – Data session

6 June
Romy van den Heerik, Ellen Droog, Melanie Jong Tjien Fa & Christian Burgers – Creative and constructive language production: Linguistic co-creation of health-campaign slogans on Facebook

Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Research Meetings 2016

26 January
Gewoon aan de Slag

9 February
Paula Perez Sobrino – Metaphors music lives by

23 February
Yao Tong
– How limits can be pushed: Action, metaphor and gesture

22 March
Kristina Despot – The Croatian Metaphor Repository project

19 April
Marianna Bolognesi & Laura Aina – The current status of the COGVIM project

3 May
Roosmaryn Pilgram – Testing Resistance to Metaphor

17 May
Mikael Skagenholt – Semantic priming in deliberate metaphor comprehension

31 May
Julián Albaladejo Suárez – Non-deliberate and deliberate metaphor use in Ex-transgender Christian personal stories

27 September
Tina Krennmayr – Metaphors in Academic Talk

11 October
Marco del Tredici – Assessing the Potential of Metaphoricity of Verbs Using Corpus Data

25 October
Karola Woll – MIPVU and German – How Does This Work?

8 November
Giulia Frezza – Risk and responsibility: metaphors in health communication

22 November
Joep Cornelissen – Enterpreneurial communication

20 December
Joost Schilperoord – the rhetorical uses of depictions of cast shadows

Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Research Meetings 2015

17 February
Gerard Steen – Resistance to Metaphor

3 March
Britta Brugman & Kiki Renardel de Lavalette – HIP

17 March
Marianna Bolognesi
 – Visual Metaphor

31 March
Gudrun Reijnierse – Deliberate Metaphor

28 April
Sandra van der Hel – The ‘tipping point’ metaphor

12 May
Romy van den Heerik & Charlotte van Hooijdonk – ‘Smoking is sóóó…’

26 May
Christine Liebrecht – Metaphors as intensifying elements

23 June
Christian Burgers – Figurative framing

22 September
Charles Forceville – Embodied metaphor in short animation films

6 October
Anke Beger – Forms and functions of deliberate metaphors in college lectures

20 October
Valentina Cuccio – Deliberate Metaphors and Embodied Simulation

3 November
Luzia Goldmann – Transfigurations of Metaphor

17 November
Zhen Pan – Identification of Metaphors in Emotional Languages

1 December
Francesca Strik Lievers – Synaesthesia