Summer/Winter Schools

Metaphor Lab Amsterdam also organizes Summer and Winter schools! During these schools PhD students and postdoc researcher learn more about metaphor identification and analysis. The schools have around 30 participants from many different countries looking to learn more about metaphors.

University of Amsterdam

These schools consist of courses on MIPVU, visual metaphor and argumentation and are given by professors and guest lecturers of different universities:

  • 22 – 27 January 2017:
    Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Winter school 2017, University of Amsterdam
    For more information about this winter school, see the official call and the report.
  • June 14 – 19 2015:
    Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Summer school 2015, University of Amsterdam
    For more information about this summer school, see the official call and the report.

VU University

These schools consisted of a number of different courses on topics as the MIPVU procedure, the analysis of metaphor, and metaphor in gesture and speech. These courses were given by VU professors and by guest lecturers of different faculties and universities.  An important aspect of the schools is that participants who came back for a second time shared how they have put what they learnt into practice and presented their work. More detailed reports by participants can be found on the pages for each school.