Metaphor Festival Amsterdam ’16

Event Date: August 31, 2016 to September 4, 2016

Metaphor Lab Amsterdam is delighted to announce that the next Metaphor Festival will take place in Amsterdam from 31 August through 3 September 2016.

The Metaphor Festival is an annual conference on the use of figurative language and other modes of figurative expression. It used to be arranged by the Department of English at Stockholm University. From 2006 through 2015, a series of ten successful conferences was held in Stockholm bringing together researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines, working within different theoretical and methodological paradigms in a creative, internationally oriented, and friendly atmosphere. The Stockholm organizers have now asked whether the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam can continue this tradition, and we are more than happy to do so.

Romy van den Heerik • January 18, 2016

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