23 June – Christian Burgers

Figurative Framing: An introduction and an overview

One of the research lines of the Amsterdam Metaphor Lab focuses on the topic of “Figurative Framing” in which we study how figurative language like metaphor, hyperbole and irony can serve as framing devices across societal topics. The aim of this presentation is providing an introduction and an overview of this research line.

Christian Burgers will start out by explicating why and how metaphor, hyperbole and irony serve as framing devices and show the prevalence of figurative framing in public discourse. He will also introduce the notion of complex figurative frames which are combinations of metaphor, hyperbole, and/or irony. Throughout the presentation, he connects figurative framing to the four key processes in communication-scientific framing research (frame building, frame setting, individual-level effects, feedback loops), and will present empirical data and future research plans.