Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Winter School 2017: a report

From Sunday evening 22 January until Friday evening 27 January, 27 Master students, PhD students and post doc researchers from 16 different countries attended the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Winter School “Metaphor Identification and Analysis”. Under the supervision of Gerard Steen, Susan Nacey, Tina Krennmayr, Jean Wagemans and Marianna Bolognesi the students followed courses on visual metaphor or metaphor and argumentation in the morning and learned about MIPVU in the afternoon. Students could also attend plenary talks by Gerard Steen. This way, the teachers trained the participants in various methods of metaphor identification and analysis that the students can now apply in their own work. At the end of the week the participants gave a presentation about what they learned during the winter school. Since the school also included lunch, dinner, drinks, bowling and sightseeing, the students not only learned a lot about metaphor in language, image and argumentation, but also got the chance to meet new people and a new city!

We want to thank the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication and the CogVim project for sponsoring this unique event.

 “It was a beneficial workshop that gave me a hands-on practical experience in addition to that it answered a lot of the questions I had”

  “This school allows me to make new friends and potential future colleagues so it was a really good experience”

Romy van den Heerik • February 14, 2017

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