Volume 3 of Metaphor in Language, Cognition and Communication is out

The third volume of the book series ‘Metaphor in Language, Cognition and Communication’ is out! The book is entitled ‘Elicited Metaphor Analysis in Educational Discourse’ and is edited by Wan Wan and Graham Low (National Hua qiao University / University of York).

The ability to recognise, discuss and evaluate one’s educational beliefs and working practices in metaphoric terms has for several years been seen as a highly valuable tool for increasing self-awareness, facilitating learning (or teaching), and/or predicting behaviour. This is the first edited book solely devoted to the topic of researching elicited metaphor in education, and brings together key researchers from China, Poland, Puerto Rico, South America, UK and USA. The 12 chapters involve overviews and state-of-the-art articles, articles focussing on methodology and validation, as well as reflections on the effectiveness of techniques and research reports of recent empirical studies. The bulk of the articles relate to literacy (L1 and L2) and teacher education, but science education is also addressed. The book offers useful models for academics, professionals and PhD students in these areas, and provides solutions for improving the validity of elicited metaphor techniques in educational research.

Romy van den Heerik • July 2, 2015

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