25 October – Karola Woll

MIPVU and German – How Does This Work?

While writing my master thesis about the use of metaphorical language in speeches of right-wing politicians in Germany, I will adjust MIPVU, the method to identify linguistic metaphors, to German. Although I will also identify underlying concepts and mappings of detected linguistic metaphors in my thesis, this talk will solely focus on the adjustment of MIPVU to German — an inflected language with a still existing case system, a more free syntax (compared to English), and a nearly engineering-like morphology. The resulting implications from these features and challenges how to define a lexical unit will be addressed. Especially, when it comes to compositional verbs, which seem to be the true troublemakers with their change in meaning by just adding a prefix, their various orthographic realizations in different syntactical surroundings, and their facultative rules regarding orthography. Another focal point will be novel compositional nouns, a highly productive word-formation process in German, and how to determine their contextual meaning.

Therefore, this talk is not about presenting results. It is rather an interactive discussion how to treat certain morphological phenomena of the German language in respect to MIPVU with a hands-on character and plenty of action!

Potgieterszaal, University Library
Singel 421-427
1012 WP Amsterdam