31 January – Herman de Mönnink

How are methaphors used in griefcounseling/grief therapy*?
Grief therapy helps clients cope with their losses. Loss is not only defined in terms of death-related loss, but also losses in relations (divorce, missing), work related losses, loss of country (refugees), objects (fire, robbery), dreams (existential). Which unfulfilled needs arise by these kind of losses? How can grief therapists contribute to the fulfilment of the present unfulfilled mourning needs?
To make the transition from a former life chapter (before the loss) to a new life chapter the grief therapist will assess the plusses and minusses in the client’s personal filing cabinet and helps to make order, to clean and to build a new life structure. Consequently meeting the present mourning needs is essential by flexibly using the tools from the grief therapist’s toolbox. In these grief therapy interventions a lot of metaphors are helpful. Which metaphors are used and which goals are attained?
Herman de Mönnink, grieftherapist, trauma psychologist, trainer, author, senior lecturer social work.
*) Bron: Mönnink, H.J. de (2015)  Verlieskunde. Methodisch kompas voor de beroepspraktijk. : https://www.bsl.nl/shop/9789035238817.html
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