31 March – Gudrun Reijnierse

Deliberate metaphor

Gudrun Reijnierse is a PhD researcher at the University of Amsterdam and aims to (re)discover the value of deliberate metaphor. Deliberate metaphors are meant to change the addressees perspective on a certain topic. Why is ‘defending’ a thesis not considered to be metaphorical language by most people while a ‘tsunami’ of immigrants is? This is, simply put, the main question of Gudrun Reijnierse’s PhD research.

In this interactive Metaphor Lab Research Meeting, Gudrun Reijnierse will introduce us to deliberate metaphor. She will present a very first version of D-MIP, the method for identifying deliberate metaphor in natural discourse. She will first briefly discuss the metaphor identification procedure MIP(VU), on which D-MIP relies, and then introduce D-MIP. By means of concrete examples from the VU Amsterdam Metaphor Corpus, Gudrun will discuss why and how certain cases of metaphor may count as deliberate (versus non-deliberate).