Metaphor and argumentation in Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio

The new issue of Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio about metaphor in language and argumentation contains interesting articles from Metaphor Lab advisory board member Elisabetta Gola, theme leader Jean Wagemans and visiting scholar Giulia Frezza.

Read the articles on the RIFL website.

Metamia – a free database of analogy and metaphor

METAMIA is a free database of analogy and metaphor. Anyone can contribute or search. The subject matter can be anything.

Christian Burgers delivers keynote lecture at metaphor symposium in Tarragona

On 12 December 2016, the symposium “The role of metaphor in the construction of conflict in the public sphere” was organized by the Department of Communication Studies of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (Spain). One of the keynote lectures was delivered by dr. Christian Burgers of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam, who talked about the role of figurative framing in public debates. The second keynote was delivered by Dr. Marina Dekavalla of the University of Stirling (Scotland), who talked about “Conceptualizing national futures. Frames, metaphors and constitutional change.  At the seminar, final results were presented of the project METAFPERCOM by project members Dr. Arantxa Capdevila, Dr. Marta Montagut, Dr. Jordi Prades, Dr. Jan Gonzalo, and Dr. Carlota Moragas. The symposium ended with a roundtable discussion on the role of metaphor in political communication, moderated by Dr. Bernat López, with contributions by Dr. Christian Burgers, Dr. Marina Dekavalla, Dr. Enric Castelló and Dr. Carlota Moragas.


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Report Metaphor Festival 2016 in Dutch magazine

In this month’s Onze Taal magazine: a report about the Metaphor Festival 2016!

Genootschap Onze Taal (Dutch Society Our Language) is a association for anyone who is interested in language, especially the Dutch language. It is the largest language association in the world with 30.000 members. The association publishes a montlhy magazine Onze Taal in which the interesting aspects of language are reviewed.











Modeling Semantic Similarity between Metaphor Terms of Visual vs. Linguistic Metaphors through Flickr Tag Distributions

Marianna Bolognesi published her study ‘Modeling Semantic Similarity between Metaphor Terms of Visual vs. Linguistic Metaphors through Flickr Tag Distributions‘ in Frontiers in Communication.

As explained in the article, the method hereby used captures primarily relational similarity between concept pairs, that is, between tags that appear in similar tagsets (and therefore in similar pictures).

It is hereby shown that visual and linguistic metaphors behave differently, in that the similarity between two aligned concepts in a visual metaphor, on average, appears to be significantly higher than the similarity between two concepts aligned in a linguistic metaphor.

An additional content analysis shows that the type of semantic information encoded in the related tags (i.e., the contexts on which the contingency matrices of this distributional method are built) differs, in relation to the modality of the metaphor: while situation-related and entity-related features are typically associated with concepts aligned in visual metaphors, introspections, and taxonomic features are typically associated with concepts aligned in linguistic metaphors.

Figurative Framing: Shaping Public Discourse Through Metaphor, Hyperbole, and Irony

Framing is an important concept in communication, yet many framing studies set out to develop frames relevant to only one issue. Burgers, Konijn and Steen expand framing theory by introducing figurative framing. They posit that figurative language types like metaphor, hyperbole and irony are important in shaping public discourse, because these figures contain important linguistic and conceptual content about the issue under discussion. In their article, they first explicate the role of each individual figure (metaphor, hyperbole, and irony) in the framing of important societal issues. Then, they focus on complex figurative frames (combinations of metaphor, hyperbole, and/or irony). Their article concludes with a research agenda, connecting figurative framing to the four key processes in framing research (frame building, frame setting, individual-level effects, and feedback loop).

Continue to the article.

CfP Winter School 2017

The deadline has been extended until 12 pm DST, on Sunday 30 October 2016!

The call for participants for the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam Winter School 2017 is out: CfP Winter School 2017.

Application deadline: Sunday 23 October 2016, 12 pm DST.

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