Festival information

Welcome to the Metaphor Festival

Metaphor Festival Amsterdam ’17 will take place from 30 August through 2 September 2017. The conference starts on Wednesday 30 August with a social gathering (evening, optional) and formally opens on Thursday 31 August at 9.00 a.m. The conference closes on Saturday 2 September at the end of the afternoon.

The online registration is now open and will close on 15 June. Visit our registration page for information about the registration procedure, conference fees and payment details.

Festival program

Thursday 31 August & Friday 1 September will be filled with academic presentations from metaphor researchers from all over the world. Plenary lectures will be delivered by Kathleen Ahrens (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and by Alan Cienki (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Moscow State Linguistic University). “The academic program” takes place at the P.C Hoofthuis, Spuistraat 134, Amsterdam.

Saturday 2 September we present several interesting workshops and metaphor related activities: an academic day with a fun twist! We invite all participants at University library Amsterdam, Singel 425, Amsterdam.

The festival program will be published online after registration.

Receipt of payment / Certificate of attendance

A receipt of payment and a certificate of attendance will be available at the conference.


The rooms for the academic sessions on Thursday and Friday will be equipped with Windows computers which you can use to display your presentation slides (in case you present with slides). Please note that these computers only have the software Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows installed. In case you created your slides in another program (e.g., OpenOffice, Prezi) or a Mac computer, please convert your slides to the Microsoft PowerPoint format or bring your own laptop for the presentation.