Embodied simulation and metaphor

Topic and scope The project aims to develop a novel definition of Embodied Simulation that shows how the body plays a direct role in the initial stages of language comprehension, with a special focus on the area of metaphor comprehension. It also aims to review contrasting findings in embodied language processing research on metaphor comprehension from this new Embodied Simulation perspective and explain apparent incongruities by exploiting Steen’s distinction between deliberate and non-deliberate metaphor.
Duration 22 Aug 2015 – 22 Dec 2015
Research question How can current research on Embodied Simulation be understood in relation to the deliberate versus non-deliberate use of metaphor?
Method Theoretical analysis
Status Articles and joint book in progress
Researchers Valentina Cuccio (Palermo University, Italy), Gerard Steen
Funding NWO (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research):
Visiting Scholar project