Dynamics of Figurative Frames in Dutch Public Discourse

Topic and scope In public discourse, politicians and journalists present their policy initiatives and critique using different types of language. Many studies in the area of Discourse Studies have shown that figurative language (e.g., metaphor, hyperbole and irony) is particularly appropriate as a framing device in engaging such debates. While many studies have focused on the use of figurative language in public discourse, fewer studies have addressed the effects of such framing devices on the general public and the processes underlying these effects. Recent research in the area of Communication Science suggests that three types of underlying dynamics are particularly important to consider in framing research: (1) the effects of frames over time, (2) the effects of frame repetition, and (3) the effects of challenging frames (de Vreese, 2012). The current project addresses these issues from an experimental perspective.
Duration 2014-2018
Research question How do figurative framing endure over time, and affect the public under the conditions of frame repetition and challenging frames.
Status PhD dissertation in progress
Researcher and supervisors Researcher: Amber Boeynaems
Supervisors: Christian Burgers, Elly Konijn (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Gerard Steen