Exploiting deliberate metaphor for co-creation

Topic and scope In this study we examine how deliberate metaphor can be used for co-creation of health campaigns. By prompting an audience to make a metaphor and thus co-creating it with the audience, a health campaign can stimulate deliberate metaphorical thinking by the audience and get them to talk about a certain health topic in innovative, playful and challenging ways which increase involvement, understanding and may promote attitude change.
Duration June 2016 – June 2021
Research question This project deals with the question how deliberate metaphor can be used for co-creation in health campaigns.
Method The RQ is tackled by means of a variety of research methods: (1) corpus analysis of a corpus of co-created metaphorical and non-metaphorical slogans, (2) experimental research and (3) interviews.
Status The first study is currently published in Health Communication. The papers of the second and third studies are in preparation.
Researcher and supervisors Researcher: Romy van den Heerik

Supervisors: Gerard Steen, Lisa Sparks (Chapman University), Christian Burgers and Charlotte van Hooijdonk (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Funding Extramural PhD project