Topic and scope The Cognitive Grounding of Visual Metaphor project aims at identifying and modeling the semantics (conceptual and linguistic features) that justify the metaphorical comparisons expressed through pictures (advertisements, political cartoons, artworks etc). This is compared to the semantics that makes discourse metaphors work. The visual metaphors and the verbal modalities of metaphor expression are compared and contrasted, in order to see similarities and differences emerge across the two modalities, and the implications that such peculiarities carry to the metaphor conceptualization.
Duration Feb 2015 – Feb 2017
Research question What type of knowledge comes into play when we make sense of a metaphor expressed through words vs through images?
Method The RQ is tackled by means of 3 different quantitative methods, aimed at comparing the conceptual content of source and target domains of visual and verbal metaphors across: a corpus of semantic features norms (providing internal attributes derived from speakers’ mental simulations); a corpus of annotated images (providing relations with other entities, derived from speakers’ contextualized experiences); a corpus of language (providing linguistic uses of the concepts, derived from texts).
Status The first work package (first corpus of semantic information, containing semantic features norms) is being finalized. Three papers are currently in preparation.
Researcher and supervisor Researcher: Marianna Bolognesi
Supervisor: Gerard Steen
Funding EU Marie Curie Fellowship