Visual Metaphor Identification procedure

Topic and scope The project aims to develop a method for the identification and analysis of metaphorical visuals ‘in the wild’. It will provide information on the nature and occurrence of visual metaphors across a wide range of materials, including ads, cartoons, and artworks.
Duration 2009 – 2013
Research question This study addresses the question how visual metaphor can be identified along the same lines as verbal metaphor is identified by means of MIPVU.
Method The methodology for verbal metaphor identification developed by Gerard Steen and colleagues called MIPVU (Steen et al., 2010) is adapted to visual metaphors.
Researchers Ester Šorm (Delft University) and Gerard Steen.
 Funding NWO (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) Vrije competitie Geesteswetenschappen (Open Competition Humanities)