Metaphor Lab Winter School 2018: a report

From Sunday evening the 21st of January until Friday evening 26th, master students, PhDs and post doc researchers attended our ‘advanced level’ Winter School, this year themed as “Deliberate Metaphor Theory: a theoretical and empirical merit”. Gerard Steen held plenary talks in the morning, after which the students followed a course of their choosing on visual metaphor, metaphor in argumentation, or the identification of deliberate metaphor in discourse, taught by Jean Wagemans, Susan Nacey, Tina Krennmayr, Gudrun Reijnierse and Marianna Bolognesi. Participants did not only learn more about metaphor theory but also got to know each other better during our social activities. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the Winter School and in particular our sponsors!


Metaphor Festival 2018: CALL FOR PAPERS

The Metaphor Lab Amsterdam is delighted to announce that the next Metaphor Festival will take place in Amsterdam from 30 August 30 through 1 September 2018.

The Metaphor Festival is an annual conference on the use of figurative language and other modes of figurative expression. It offers an opportunity to present and learn about research findings concerning figurative uses in different types of human communication, and their cognitive, cultural, narrative, poetic, rhetorical, political, social, textual or discourse functions and effects. Contributions to the general session of the Festival can address the linguistic and/or literary character and use of tropes – metaphor, metonymy, simile, oxymoron, hyperbole, litotes, punning, and irony – or the character and use of rhyme schemes, various types of parallelism and other formal poetic constructions, as well as the nature of figurative signs and devices in multi-modal or non-verbal communication.


Abstracts should be 300 words maximum and should be written in English (please provide glosses or translations for examples in other languages).

Abstracts reporting on empirical data should have four sections: introduction, methods, findings, and conclusions. Abstracts providing a purely theoretical or philosophical contribution should have three sections: introduction, main argument, and conclusions.

All abstracts should end with a one-sentence take-home-message. Authors need to make sure that their identities cannot be retrieved from the abstract itself, and should include blind reference to their work that is not yet publicly available (i.e., papers in press, under review and. or in preparation).


All abstracts can now be submitted via the submission website. Deadline for submission is 15 March 2018.


Please keep an eye on our website for any updates. You are welcome to contact the organizing committee at in case of any enquiries.

Prof. Kathleen Ahrens joins advisory board Metaphor Lab

The Metaphor Lab Amsterdam is proud to announce that prof. dr. Kathleen Ahrens has joined its International Advisory Board. Prof. Ahrens is a Full Professor in the Department of English at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Fellow and Vice-President of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities, and Board Member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Prof. Ahrens’ research has encompassed two major areas over the past twenty years: (1) Construction of a psycholinguistic theory of sense processing, and (2) construction of a cognitive model to explain conceptual and novel metaphor use and processing. Her current research focuses on corpora-based analyses of conceptual metaphor use in political language in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Prof. Ahrens is also co-chairing the organizing committee of the upcoming RaAM Conference in Hong Kong in June 2018.
For more information on prof. dr. Ahrens’ research, please visit and the Corpus of Political Speeches

Top 10 of most read articles: The Effects of Metaphorical Framing on Political Persuasion: A Systematic Literature Review

Even though The Effects of Metaphorical Framing on Political Persuasion: A Systematic Literature Review, has only been published less than six months ago, it is now in the top 10 of most read articles in Metaphor and Symbol. The article, written by Amber Boeynaems, Christian Burgers, Elly A. Konijn & Gerard J. Steen, can be found here.

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